About Mocca


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Baarsjesweg 224
1058 AA Amsterdam

Our motto

Connecting children and culture. The arts and culture enrich the life of children and should be an essential part of their education and upbringing. Mocca connects children to the arts and culture: we bring schools and cultural organisations together and ensure that all children in Amsterdam have access to meaningful cultural education. By doing so, we enable children to explore their creativity and thrive through dance, theater, music and the arts.

Expert centre cultural education

Mocca advises schools and cultural organisations on the development and execution of their cultural education programmes. The MoccaAcademie offers expertise, knowledge sharing and training to professionals in the field of cultural education. Mocca does this by organising meetings, courses and cultural excursions.

Mocca is responsible for the execution of the Basispakket Kunst- en Cultuureducatie (Kit Arts and Cultural Education), subsidized by the municipality of Amsterdam to ensure that all children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old are exposed to the arts.

Mocca facilitates transportation between schools and cultural institutions by coordinating the Cultuurbus en -boot, a free service that brings elementary school children to museums, theatres, concert halls and exhibitions throughout Amsterdam. By applying for funding through Mocca, schools in Amsterdam can introduce long-term cultural programmes and learning trajectories. The funding falls within the confines of the CmK (Quality in Cultural Education), which in turn is part of the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie (Fund for Cultural Participation).

Mocca brings over 1200 people together during the Month of Cultural Education every year. Consisting of multiple events at cultural venues in Amsterdam. During conferences, expert meetings, debates, network lunches and workshops, experts and participants from the field of education and culture meet, share knowledge and information and inspire one another.

Mocca is commissioned and funded by the municipality of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The Mocca Team

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